Cahiers de Laura Toma

The first photo is taken from some notes written before the first Gaga Workshop I ever taught (at Studio 303) after my graduation from the pilot teacher training program in 2012. While it is old, I've included it because it's something I come back to — still to this day — before every workshop I teach. I find the points to be excellent reminders of what it means to go beyond the practice of simply taking class (a Gaga class in this case), and into the ways in which we can use the workshop format to deepen our various practices of dance and movement. 


The second photo is of notes jotted down on a piece of loose leaf paper —> where it appears I was more pressed for time writing! Like the first, they were also taken during the preparations for my annual, week-long (3 hours a day), Gaga workshop. Here, I muse upon the various stages of teaching phrase work. I have found that implementing what is learned in class settings to other contexts to be among the most challenging of tasks for dance artists (myself included!). How can we navigate the frameworks of choreography while continuing to bring the richness and excitement from all the new sensations discovered when we were working within the more pressure-less context of class?

Crédit photo de Laura: Valérie Boulet. 

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